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Women in Focus [Webinar 1] August Recap

CountPlus One launched its Women in Focus webinar series this week with the goal of educating and invoking discussions regarding planning for financial and taxation needs at each of the life phases, or refreshing the knowledge of the audience.

Principal Margaret Munetsi led the debut webinar Financial Literacy 101 to outline the financial journey that CountPlus One presenters will lead you on through the monthly webinars.

Margaret is passionate about educating women in particular, because they ‘have a large sphere of influence’- as a mother, a spouse, a sister or daughter, women can touch many aspects of the lives of so many people professionally and their home lives.

In her debut presentation Margaret sought to provide an

  • Understanding of how the series is structured over the coming months
  • Understanding of the use of financial literacy – knowledge
  • Understanding the milestones for women – needs and actions
  • Understanding your sphere of influence and its impact.

Here’s a brief recap of Margaret’s presentation. If you want to learn more, or missed the session and would like a recording, email [email protected].

Women in Focus will cover the following key areas:

Future planning

  • What is a financial plan
  • How does it relate to tax planning
  • What are the key planning tools eg: superannuation, cashflow management, retirement and estate planning, aged care, funding education, structuring financial effectiveness.

Tax Planning

  • What is it?
  • What are the structures used and why
  • How do manage my tax year-end prep
  • Effective strategies in tax and financial planning
  • Use of technology and real experiences.

CountPlus One

  • Who are we and how do we work
  • Why Women in focus – where do men fit in
  • Why is your peace of mind important to us
  • Understanding your needs and outcomes
  • Our love of community

Margaret kicked things off speaking about Milestones and life events we will all face, and how CountPlus One addresses each from a financial planning and tax planning perspective.

This includes exploring the key tools such as superannuation, cashflow management, legacies and estate planning, insurance, etc.

The key is that each CountPlus One presenter, a specialist in the field they are discussing, will break down technical information to make it clear and digestible for the audience. They will also embrace technology and real-life examples through case studies to keep it real and relevant.

Margaret stressed that it’s not just about women – men are most welcome to join the discussion. Her examples during the discussion highlighted the importance of the men in her life over the years.

CountPlus One wants the audience to appreciate what “peace of mind” entails and how important it is to connect with your advisor, whoever that may be.

Milestones – Needs & Actions in Summary

How do we grow wealth as we age; there are different stages of life from growth to establishment to pre and post retirement, and in between.

  • 20-something the focus is on building a good financial foundation. The job, property, debt, superannuation, savings/investments, insurance. Your sphere of influence.
  • 40-something is more about financial stability and establishing wealth; the family home, investments and tax structures, insurance and health, children and education, superannuation, parents.
  • 60 plus – pre and post retirement, includes planning for retirement and changing income, strategic assets & tax structures, legacy and grandchildren, ending business ties.

The next September session will be facilitated by Margaret with the knowledge of fellow Principal and Financial Adviser Adam Hone. The topic will be Introduction to Future Planning.

For more on Margaret’s webinar, to ask questions relating to your personal situation, or to request the recording of this session, email [email protected].