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Why Cloud Based Accounting is a Tradie’s Best Mate

Tradies aren’t afraid of a bit of hard work. That doesn’t mean keeping the books in order needs to be a tough slog when you’re running a trade-related business. Now there are several user-friendly, cloud-based apps that make doing the books a breeze.


But let’s back up a bit for anyone who hasn’t got their head around the ‘cloud’ thing just yet. It’s a term used for a storage space that’s available to you whenever you’re online. Your cloud storage space can be used from smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops that are connected to the internet.

So why is it revolutionising how people running trade businesses do the books? Simply because the accounting jobs you and your team used to have to wait to do when you’re back at the office can be done anytime that you’re connected to the ‘net. How are tradies using this technology to grow their business and spend less time on the paperwork?

No more double handling

Timesheets, quotes, invoices, orders are all entered in the one easy-to-use system. Accounting and payroll are all rolled into one. This is a massive time-saver.

Quote while on site

This is another feature tradies love. You and your team will never forget an item as you quote then and there, while on site. Impress clients with your ability to provide almost instant, professional quotes straight to their email account.

Invoice anywhere

On site, at home, in the office… once the job’s done, you can invoice immediately. No more waiting for clients to receive an invoice in the mail. Plus, you can tell when they have viewed the invoice, so no more ‘we haven’t received the invoice’ excuses that lead to delayed payments.

Better timesheet tracking

It’s a no-brainer; accurate logging saves you money. Your team can clock on and off while on site. This feature is common in several cloud-based accounting apps and it makes life a lot easier for staff as well as the boss.

No more paperwork

Everything can be done electronically and immediately. This is a great way to modernise your business and improve people’s perception of your operational procedures and professionalism.


The power of the cloud storage is the ability to have job collaboration like never before. Once logged in, every member of the team can find the job information they need all in one place, 24/7. They can also add information to the job card, allowing you to…

Stay on top of every job

Remote job cards keep you in the loop from wherever you are. You no longer have to be on site to keep an eye on how each job is tracking. Plus, you can keep an eye on your profits for each job in real-time.

Automatic banking

Connect your bank feed to the app and you’ll never be left wondering if a client is yet to pay or if a supplier is yet to be paid. Bank feeds can show you exactly where ingoing and outgoing payments are located in just a few minutes.

Written by: Phillip Grantham

Phillip Grantham is an accounting principal with Countplus One with a focus on small to medium businesses in the trades and construction industry. Get in touch with Phillip to discuss how he can help you better manage your business and save time using cloud accounting software.