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The Advantages of Financial Advice

In a recent article that I read on the Independent Financial Adviser quoted that a Sunsuper-commissioned study found young Australian families who receive financial advice are more likely to be wealthier at retirement than that of unadvised families.

A Sunsuper-commissioned study has found young Australian families who receive financial advice are likely to be almost a quarter of a million dollars wealthier at retirement than their unadvised family peers.

The research found that young Australian couples who seek financial advice could pay for “six additional years of private education for two children, 32 years of trauma cover and a family holiday every year until retirement”.
It is true to say that most young Australian families have a very good idea of the kind of lifestyle that they would like to live today and into their retirement. The study also did find that an absence of financial education could be blamed for what families believe they can achieve and what their actual financial situation will be in the future.
The families that received financial advice where allowed to take additional holidays for example – they had the financial freedom to spend money on things that they enjoy. Everyone loves holidays right! Having the right financial advice allows families to make more choices regarding schooling for their children, different insurance, more holidays and housing.
There are many advantages of seeing a financial adviser and they can help you with a number of strategies including:
  • Plan for your retirement
  • Build an investment portfolio
  • Boost your superannuation
  • Pay off a home loan quicker
  • Save money and grow assets
  • Protect your income and your family
  • Give your children a secure future

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