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Virtual CFO Services

No matter what your business size, you can still benefit from the skills, strategic thinking and experience of a Chief Financial Officer.

Cashflow modelling

Get control of your finances and make informed decisions with a clear and accurate picture of your current and forecasted cashflow.


Our powerful data and trends analysis procedures help us to make financial predictions to help you budget, plan and estimate growth.

Budget Analysis

CountPlus One can help you plan and manage your business budget effectively in order to reach your goals for profit generation.

KPI Reporting

Discover how your business is measuring up to industry benchmarks and quickly identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.


We can take the hassles of handling payroll off your hands; making sure employees are properly and accurately compensated.


How to become more profitable and reach your business goals


No matter what size your business may be, you can benefit from financial advice and strategies deployed by big, successful corporations. That is the concept behind CountPlus One’s Virtual CFO

Case Study: Start Ups – R&D and Virtual CFO


CountPlus One’s Research and Development and Virtual CFO services are ideal for start-up businesses who are looking to innovate in their industries. Our team take the burden off your shoulders

Case Study: Business Finances – Virtual CFO


CountPlus One’s Virtual CFO service is proven to be effective at helping businesses get control of their finances and make more informed, strategic choices. Our team was thrilled to assist

Spotlight on Ian George


Ian has been a Principal of CP1 for fifteen years.  During this time, he has led the firm through many progressive changes and assisted hundreds of clients to reach their