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CountPlus One provides peace of mind while simplifying the complexities of your personal finances and accounts for you. We work hard to make your retirement as easy as possible. Our team offers the support you need to enjoy a comfortable future and plan for the best lifestyle your income will allow.

Case Study

Planning for Retirement

Client: Long term client ready for retirement.

Objective: Assist client with funding his retirement by maximising his super benefits.

Our accounting division had acted for the client since he went into a kitchen design practice over 25 years ago. After branching out on his own and acquiring an office premise some five years later, we were able to subsequently assist him to maximise his superannuation to the extent that his business cashflow allowed.

On his retirement recently he sold the office unit which he and his wife owned personally and made a substantial capital gain. We were able to assist him to contribute the whole proceeds of the sale of that property into his superannuation fund and avoid any capital gains tax on the sale. This contribution was in addition to his normal deductible contributions in that year.

This has added substantially to his retirement funds which he is accessing through a tax fee pension.

Services offered:

  • Financial planning team involved in creating and implementing an initial financial plan,
  • Undertaking regular reviews and adjustments, to that plan,
  • Accounting team involved in annual accounting and taxation services for business and for clients personally.

If you want peace of mind heading into retirement, speak to one of our advisers today. 

This case study is not intended to imply advice to your own situation. Please speak to us to understand your financial needs, objectives and circumstances


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At every life stage, from their 20s to their 60s and beyond, it’s vital for women to make specific financial plans and strategies thanks to their specific life and career

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