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Peace of Mind for Families

The new year is the perfect time to reflect on the year that has passed and to make resolutions for your future. The holiday period is when many of us can slow the pace of our busy lives and enjoy some quality time with those we love the most – our families. It is also a time when we may end up spending a little more money than usual on entertainment, gifts, dining and travel. So it is no surprise that when making resolutions for the coming year and beyond, a lot of people list ‘making more time for my family’ and ‘saving more money’ or even ‘preparing to retire early so I can spend more time with the family’ as a goal.


Like you, the CountPlus One team knows the importance of family, of planning for a secure future with them and putting in place goals to help you spend more quality time with them. When families come to our team for accounting and financial planning support, we are able to develop holistic plans that allow our clients to achieve their goals.

We provide modelling to give you a detailed report on your assets, income and expenditure. We help estimate a project future cashflow so we can help you strategise and plan to meet financial aspirations. Our accounting team can further assist your financial plans and advise on taxation strategies to help support your goals. In addition, our investment specialists can provide advice, portfolio administration and management.

Our wholistic approach means one convenient location for all of these services which saves families time, so you can spend more of it with the people who matter most to you. Here is how we combine our accounting and financial services to help families take the worries out of securing a comfortable financial future:

Step 1 – We invite you to come in for a meeting with both of our teams. We will talk to you about your current situation, where you would like to be in 12 months and where you would like to be in the long term.

Step 2 – Together we work out a strategy for your taxation and compliance, budget and accounting, investments and savings for the coming years. Our combined experience and strategic insight ensure you are getting advice tailored to your specific needs.

Step 3 – We work with you to lock in a strategic plan that is attainable and realistic, ensuring you are compliant with all relevant regulations. This plan provides a clear roadmap for you and our teams to follow as we move confidently in the direction of your goals.

Step 4 – Periodically you are invited to meet with your CountPlus One financial planner to catch up on how you are tracking toward your goals. If needed, we can adjust, or tweak strategy based on insights gained or any changes in your situation.

Step 5 – Our accounting team will check your tax compliance against any changes in legislation or in your family circumstances. We make sure we have a clear picture of your family’s position in order to minimise your tax bill.

Step 6 – Our teams then get together to discuss your accounting and financial planning needs and ensure our strategies are correctly aligned.

If you are already a CountPlus One taxation and compliance client, or you already have a relationship with one of our financial planners, you are already half of the way toward having a simple, holistic support service in place. It is definitely worth having a chat with us about our full-service offering and how we can tailor our combined teams’ strengths to fit your needs.

“The biggest benefit our full-service clients get out of this is peace of mind,” says CountPlus One Principal, Margaret Munetsi, “Our clients can sleep at night knowing they have a simple long-term plan to achieve and we can make it easy for them. When combining the abilities of our accounting and financial planning teams we make sure all of the pieces fit together. It saves time and is effective.

“Family time is so important and when you come to CountPlus One, we feel like you are joining our family too. We know clients do not give us that level of trust lightly, which is why we care for each of them as if they are our own families.”

To get on track for a great 2020 and beyond, start a conversation with CountPlus One by calling 1300 360 186 or contacting us online.