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Louise Harris
Business Manager

I believe in working hard, showing dedication and being organised. I thrive on providing the CountPlus One Principals with the day-to-day support they need. While I keep the team and business systems are running smoothly, the Principal team can focus on catering to our clients’ needs. Clear communication and seamless organisational support ensure the company achieves our strategic business and financial goals to move in the right direction.

I like to keep busy, so you won’t find me sitting still for long. I’ll be Ubering my son to basketball and soccer games, working out, or baking. My three kids keep me on my toes.

I specialise in:

  • Australian Standards & Regulatory Compliance
  • Implementing Company Strategies
  • Nurturing Collaborative Teamwork
  • Monitoring and Managing Business Operations
  • Liaising with Third Party Consultants