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Gordon Zheng
Manager, Certified Practicing Accountant

I’ve always thought that a trusted advisor should be a strategic thinker with the ability to communicate complex financial and taxation principles in simple business terms. I enjoy clarifying complex ideas for my clients. I also think it’s important to work collaboratively with people outside my area, so I can pass on their knowledge and expertise. I thrive on helping my clients structure their finances in an optimal way from a tax perspective.

My time off is usually spent with my wife and supporting my son and daughter at their extracurricular activities. I also enjoy running and tennis. I am a big fan of Rafeal Nadal. I like one of his quotes, “I have no sense of humour about losing.”

I specialise in:

  • Taxation for Cross-Border Transactions
  • Family Group and High-Net-Wealth Individuals
  • Taxation for Small to Medium Size Businesses
  • Payroll Tax