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Money for Your Life

Have you ever felt like you could use some help getting control of your finances? Are you unsure of how to make the best personal financial decisions to help you reach your goals? Do you worry about your financial future? Then you need a financial plan.


Meeting with a financial planner isn’t just for high net wealth individuals with huge investment portfolios; it’s for everyone. Every milestone in life presents new and different financial challenges: cash flow early in your career and when paying off a mortgage, getting married, planning for a family, receiving an inheritance, managing super, investments, retirement… the list goes on.

You’re never too young or old to take control of your finances and with the help of a good financial planner, it’s easier than you think.

How can a financial planner help you?

Get the picture

Your financial planner will examine the current state of your assets and liabilities and give you a complete picture of where you stand.

Goal setting

From there you can discuss and set attainable goals for your financial future, whether it’s as simple as saving for a holiday or something more complex like planning for your retirement.

The know-how

Your financial planner will help you work out how to best reach the goals you’ve set. You’ll have a clear picture of the course of action you need to take and the support you need to do so.

What kinds of financial issues can a financial planner advise on?

  1. Developing a personal financial statement to allow for well-informed budget planning and safeguarding positive cash flow.
  2. Advising you on the insurance and superannuation options that will best support your goals for your financial future.
  3. Putting in place wealth generation strategies to help you make more from your money.
  4. Assisting you to map out your future cash flow and estimate how long funds will last in retirement.
  5. Guiding you through choosing shares and taking care of the admin’ and management of your portfolio for you.
  6. Helping you to plan how to provide for your heirs and ensure your estate is properly managed.


If you’d like to know more about financial planning for your future milestones, get in touch with CountPlus One. Our friendly team would be happy to give you advice you can count on.


Written by Adam Hone