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JobSaver rule changes that may affect your Business

How JobSaver eligibility requirements announced by Service NSW may affect your Business

If you are an eligible business currently receiving JobSaver payments, you may have received an email from Service NSW last Friday titled “Is your business still eligible for JobSaver?“, requesting fortnightly confirmation of business turnover decline in order to continue receiving JobSaver payments. 

After this email was sent, Service NSW subsequently announced a two week delay on commencing this turnover test to re-confirm JobSaver eligibility, now set to begin from the fortnight ending 26th September 2021.

If your business is currently receiving JobSaver payments, there is no immediate action required from you. We will share updates with you as they become available, regarding the process of how to apply the turnover test, and the process to confirm ongoing eligibility.

COVID Business Grant Deadline Extension

Further to the above announcements, over the weekend, Service NSW also extended the deadline for applications for the Business Grant to 11:59pm on 1 October 2021. If you believe your business may be eligible, please ensure you submit your application before the due date, or reach out to us for assistance.

If you require further clarifications about how the above changes impact your business, please contact your CP1 adviser, or via [email protected] or 1300 360 186.