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CountPlus One understands your financial and accounting needs are different to everyone else’s. Our holistic and proactive approach to wealth management enable a seamless transition through each phase of the affluence cycle. Plus, we have the legal means to ensure all information relating to your private commercial interests is not publicly available.

Case Study

Financial Planning for Retirement

Client: Married male, 55 years old, annual salary of $140,000 and $800,000 in super
Objective: Retire comfortably by age 65

John had been a long-term business client when he first approached the team about his personal finances. This is a paragraph where we tell the background story to engage the reader. This will help them to relate to the scenario in question. We will further outline the client’s objective and aspirations.

This paragraph outlines the process taken to come to conclusions about the solutions the client needed. This helps demystify the services and processes you have in place.

Now this paragraph talks about the solutions you suggested. We outline benefits of the solutions and the ways in which they helped the client. Keep these paragraphs short and to the point. Finally, we reveal the outcomes and if we have any data, figures or statistics to support the case then we include them here.

Services supplied:

  • Bullet list of services
  • It might be a short list or even just one
  • Or it could be a few services

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