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CountPlus One simplifies business finances, with strategic advice to help you reach your goals. You can count on our knowledgeable and enthusiastic specialists for tailored business’ finance and accountancy services. Our expert team is committed to staying by your side through your business growth, offering reliable support to help you reach each new milestone.

Case Study

The best for your Start-up

Client: Australian based start up in the growing phase.

Objective: Ensure the company is prepared for success as it continues to develop

Our client is developing software in the health services space that has potential to be used throughout the world. The client came to us seeking assistance with Research and Development Tax Incentive. We have assisted the client with structuring the business, not only thinking of the current structure required for R & D but also keeping in mind the potential uplift in I.P value being generated from the R & D. Start-ups may seem small and simple but you really need to be able to think ahead and prepare for success from multiple perspectives including tax planning, asset protection and flexibility to bring on new investors.

As the product was developed, we successfully submitted R & D tax incentive applications and supported Export Market Development Grants as well as Commercialisation Grants. Both these grants required an audit of the related expenditure.

We have supported the business as it grows and progresses through the business cycle as the product is developed and commercialised. From humble beginnings we supported our client to turn their idea into a reality. Our client now has a team of 12 plus a subsidiary in the U.S to access larger markets securing contracts with health providers in Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada.

Services Offered:

  • Tax & Accounting
  • Structuring
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Research & Development Tax Incentive
  • Audit

If you run a start-up and need a trustworthy source to keep you running for years to come, talk to one of our team on 1300 360 186.

This case study is not intended to imply advice to your own situation. Please speak to us to understand your financial needs, objectives and circumstances.

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