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Better Futures for Not-for-Profits

CountPlus One is very proud of our continued support and involvement with NFP clients like the Australian Geographic Society and Fine Music 102.5FM. We’re highly experienced and motivated in supporting the particular needs of the NFP sector, including assisting with annual reporting, providing advice on governance, the registration of a charity and fundraising requirements.

Case Study


Client: Not for profit , Charity, Medium size, trading for over 40 years.

Objective: Compliance with legislative requirements.

With any not-for-profit, you often find their internal team is made up many willing volunteers.

Our clients board is made up of individuals that are passionate about the purpose of the charity, and seeing that the members are provided with the information required by law. The day to day activities of the charity see their objectives are met.

Our client found themselves in the middle of a change within the regulatory environment to which they operate.

We were contacted by the client to assist in ensuring compliance with the requirements.

Our office became the liaison between the regulatory body and the charity as well as providing the charity with the necessary tools to ensure compliance going forward.

Months later we were due for the annual audit of the charity, and the time we had spent ensuring compliance months earlier, ensured that the audit was able to be conducted smoothly, and all information was reported as required.

Services supplied:

  • Audit of charity
  • Internal reporting enquiries

Speak to one of our team about compliance within the regulatory environment for charities today on 1300 360 186.

This case study is not intended to imply advice to your own situation. Please speak to us to understand your financial needs, objectives and circumstances.


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