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Meet the CountPlus One Employee of the Year.

Gordon recently took on responsibility for a client with a 31 December year-end and overseas head office reporting requirements. In only a short period of time, Gordon took full ownership of the client, meeting all of their requests in a timely and efficient manner. That may sound like business as usual, but it actually involved outstanding commitment to ownership, planning and service.

Gordon, despite our office being closed for the Christmas period, came into work on January 4th to assist meeting a deadline with the client’s overseas head office reporting requirements. The client is appreciative and grateful for Gordon’s commitment. He went above and beyond normal expectations without a fuss, knowing the impact his work made on the client and the value of his commitment for CountPlus One.

Gordon has also made a consistent effort to support the greater accounting team. He has led the team in achieving results and getting jobs across the line. He often puts in additional time to ensure tight deadlines are met. He isn’t afraid to take charge, go the extra mile and build vital relationships in order to meet a client’s needs. He is happy to share his knowledge and connections with the CountPlus One team. His co-workers and clients regularly comment on their positive experiences when working with Gordon.

The CountPlus One Employee of the Year has to measure up to three important values: respect, ownership and service. Gordon excels in all three. Even when busy, he makes time for the CountPlus One team, helping individuals and the firm as a whole to move in the right direction. Gordon always assumes responsibility and adds value to our service, not only in the compliance space but also in other areas where the client may be falling short. This aligns strongly with our strategy of adding ‘value for future’ for our clients.

Finally, Gordon is an employee with the commitment and ability to service his clients based on their unique needs. He shows a great depth and breadth of client understanding. His customer service is second-to-none.

Please join us in congratulating Gordon Zheng on being a well-deserved recipient of our Employee of the Year award.


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